Mendocino County Homebrew Festival 2018 wrap up

Mendocino County Homebrew Festival 2018 wrap up

November 5, 2018 Event Updates 0

And that’s a wrap! Thanks to all the brewers, sponsors, judges and attendees. It was a great event!

Peoples Choice Winners

First Place
New Pilgrim Hard Pineaplle Cider
A clean crisp and dry cider made from 100% pineapple juice. A true refresher on a warm day, feel tropical all the time!
Joshua Holland & Sean Tremblay

Second Place
CPK Coconut Kava Honey Wheat Beer
A complex mix of malted grains, rye and wheat, with fresh honey at EOB, along with an addition of fresh roasted coconut and fresh ground Figian Kava added in secondary fermentation. Very unusual.
Mark Ford

Third Place
Jared’s Double IPA
Malty goodness with big home grown hop flavor.
Jared Chaney

Brewer’s Choice Winners

First Place – To be brewed at Anderson Valley Brewing Company!
Running With Scissors
Brut IPA with Pisner Malt, Wheat Malt, Rice, Citra, Amarillo, and cascade. Low IBU, very refreshing, aromatic and easy drinking.
Bill Heubel
Malt Konocti Mashers

First Runner-up
Sempervirens DIPA
Big bold and beautiful just like it’s impressive namesake the Coast Redwood. Sempervirens is a double IPA with a simple and clean malt bill with a load of hops pilled on top. 8.25% ABV & 100 IBU.
Matt Brown
Jones Street Homebrew

Second Runner-up
Jared’s Pale Ale
A hoppy pale ale with balanced malts and an easy finish.
Jared Chaney

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